everything we create and do is to make your life easier

We want you to spend more time with the people you love, and less worrying about planning, buying, ordering, crafting and sourcing everything you need for a party. We are here to make everything so that all you have to do is unbox, set up, and get your party started.

We are continually working on new designs and themes to offer you unique, stunning custom-made parties that will create the most beautiful memories with your friends and family. Remember we try sourcing sustainable materials in the production of our party kit boxes.

Our basic kits have everything you need to host a party for 12: you only add food, drinks and gifts, and are ready to go! You can upgrade them to a party for 24, or you can add a big, beautiful piñata, uniquely designed, crafted and produced for your party theme.

our basic party kit boxes

Ideal for a party of 12, they have everything we need to get a party started, from invitations to fabric table runners, banners, balloons, posters, cupcake stands with cupcake toppers and liners, goodie bags, popcorn holders, paper cups with straws and flags, big and small paper plates, paper napkins, wooden cutlery sets, a little decoration element, and instructions of use.

colour raindrops


a beautiful celebration of colour through clouds and raindrops

space mission


the infinity of space and its ultra-cool explorations

hey, little llama


a unique and super fluffy theme for a cute and colourful celebration

add a bit of extra love

You can upgrade your party in many different ways!

Need more people? Make it for 24!

Want it to be even more fun? Add a piñata!

Want to add a cake or cupcakes? We can contact bakers for you!

Need to think about creative ways to have your celebration? We can add activities, elements, and extra love to your party!

add 12 more guests to your kit

you will have a party for 24 people, so everyone can come!

add a huge custom-made piñata

the most beautiful and unique piñatas for battering or pulling

add cupcakes or cake to your kit

we can arrange with the best bakers to make themed cakes

add party concept and activities

creativity is our territory, let us create an unbeatable party!


If you can't see what you need, or if you have any question, please contact us directly, here:

We will do our best to help you and sort out what you need!

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