#creativeindoorchallenge , happiness, love, and creativity in the time of COVID-19

Hi everyone! I know these are days in which we must really take care of ourselves and our loved ones, and make sure we stay home safely. And I also know options run out to keep children entertained while being indoors.

This is why I just started today an initiative called the "creative indoor challenge". Every day for the next 30 days, we will have a creative challenge that will involve one or two activities in a story. Materials will be things we usually find at home, all we need is a printer and paper, scissors, sometimes glue or tape if required, and markers or colours, or paint.

Remember it is essential to know that our children will not remember this as "the dreadful days of COVID-19", but as "the lovely days our family spent a wonderful time together".

Let's make the best out of our time indoors and spread the joy, happiness and creativity our children need us to feel around them! Let this be the only thing to be contagious, and share this with as many people as we can!

All we need to do is to follow @ourboxparties on Instagram and post your challenge in your social networks, tagging us on instagram, facebook, or twitter, and adding the hashtag #creativeindoorchallenge so we can all see what we have created together. The more beautiful things we share and see around the COVID-19 times, the happier we will all be.

Let's stay safe, let's use this opportunity of spending time close to our children, let's have fun together as families, and spread this love as communities to get stronger together.

As a bit of motivation, we will select a winner from our followers participating in the challenge, giving them a party kit box with the theme they choose.

The link of the challenge is here: www.ourboxparties.com/creativeindoorchallenge

Stay safe, wash your hands, and stay happy and creative!

Lots of love from Abu Dhabi!!!


Maria (party magic maker @ourboxparties)

PS! Day 02 challenge is on!

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