"For free" is the best prize to get and the best price to pay!

Who doesn't like the word free? Freedom is a lovely concept and state of mind and soul, but for free is even better!

We appreciate the love you give to us when you share your marvellous experience with ourboxparties when we create, produce and deliver it with all the love, passion and attention that is part of our DNA. Gratitude is something that is a treasured part of our core, which is why we must reward you in a way we both love and appreciate:

Every time you purchase a party kit box from us, you will receive a unique code to create your loyalty program with ourboxparties. And every time you spread the love and share the enjoyable experience you had with us, you will automatically be linked to that new customer who came to us through you and will earn 1 (one) point. Once you reach 10 (ten) points given to you after ten effective referrees, you will receive a basic party kit box for free!!!

And with this new kit, you will get another unique code to start all over again and have more and more chances of referring us to your loved ones, and being rewarded with our gratitude box.

Sharing is caring! We care about you, we love seeing you happy, and we want to see you again, celebrating life and its beautiful moments with ourboxparties!

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