happiness in the time of covid-19

Updated: Mar 19

It is essential to know that our children will not remember this as "the dreadful days of COVID-19", but as "the lovely days our family spent a wonderful time together".

Let's make the best out of our time indoors!

The #creativeindoorchallenge is an initiative from ourboxparties that starts as a way to help parents of young children cope with having them entertained, happy, and active, while indoors. A 30-day challenge that aims to ignite, boost, and incentive their creativity and their conscience of others, while simple daily tasks and activities remind them of how nice it is to be and feel home.

Every day for the next 30 days there will be a post in our blog, supported by the same in our Instagram and Facebook pages -which officially start today- that children must complete. Parents or adults around them can and should be part of the challenges, increasing this wonderful chance of spending time home together <3

Rules to participate are as simple as following us on instagram, completing their activities and then tagging us, along with the hashtag #creativeindoorchallenge so we can monitor participation.

At the end of our 30 days, ourboxparties will give the winner a basic party kit box of the theme the winner chooses. The prize will be delivered to the winner's doorstep by us, so they must live in the United Arab Emirates.

And in the meantime, we will all think of this time at home, as a beautiful opportunity to strengthen our family, having fun together, and remember one of ourboxparties' philosophy: making things easier for parents so that they can spend more time with their children.

Spread the love, share this challenge with everyone you can, we can go through all this together (separated, but together!).

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