Keeping children entertained indoors

Life in the time of COVID-19: What a challenge this has been!

So far it has been 12 days of our #creativeindoorchallenge, and we must say every day is a challenge itself sometimes!

We know these have been hard times, in which routines have had to be readjusted to accommodate being indoors all the time. We also know there is an element of fear of boredom sometimes when not having our children outside. The truth is that children will behave and feel in this crisis the same way we are behaving and feeling while it lasts. If we create a happy and fun environment after their e-learning routines, they will make the best of leisure time together, and we will strengthen our bonds with them. Again, everything is a matter of perspective! Please don't be hard on yourself if you feel sometimes they are not following routines and rules as we wished! The trick here is to create an entertaining space with them to separate duties from playtime while keeping your parental authority balanced with being the nice and fun parent that you are. We have already started an imaginary adventure to an island with our colouring activities. Each of these 30 drawings will then become into a book that we will put together, and create a personalised cover for, so your child can share it with friends and family. We are not writing down texts in the story, since we want them to use their imagination and storytelling skills, as well as their memories from these indoors time, to tell the story to others. We believe using these creative spaces to associate them with good memories, will, in the end, contribute to all of us having better mental health. So far we have made paper boats, cootie catchers and paper windwheels, we have dressed up paper characters, scared viruses away with soap, we have made scavenger hunts, we have crafted fish and binoculars out of paper toilet roll tubes, we have put a message in a bottle with a treasure map in it, we have painted with ice, we have made dinner with a yummy pizza, and we have even created a moon to put in our room! We have had so much fun, while we learn a little bit, play a little bit, follow the rules a little bit, that we feel very proud of all our little ones and their parents for creating this together! You are the reason why we do not stop for a second, creating an extra amount of daily work that encourages us to be better every day, just for you! All our effort has a beautiful reward, knowing that kids and parents are spending more quality time together, and seeing their beautiful creations every time you send them to us, tag us, and make us part of this fascinating journey! So, yes! It has been a challenge!| But we do love challenges! Especially those who push us further, make us jump higher and take us all to a beautiful journey together! You are the reason why we do this, mums, dads, siblings, friends, grandparents... you are the reason why all this is worth it! Because we love doing what we do as a brand: celebrating everything -even apparent adversities turned into beautiful challenges- while you have more time to spend with the ones you love the most. Let's stay safe, let's stay home, let's stay happy!

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